Welcome Message from Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

Namaste and Greetings!

I am ecstatic beyond words that you have found yourself here reading these words.  Why am I ecstatic?

Because as the senior minister of The Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore, I have the opportunity to share the following with you.

Mayor Pugh says, “As Mayor, I am committed to moving Baltimore forward by pursuing the priorities that promise an enhanced quality of life for all our citizens.” (“Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor”).  Like her, I am committed to doing what I can to assist the men, women, and children of Baltimore in their journey of realization, evolving consciousness and awakening to their Divine Nature and all that comes with such awareness.

What I know is that as people discover the Truth about who and what they are, they change.  Their lives become more authentic, empowered, and all aspects of their lives become far more Life-Affirming.

As the Senior Minister, it is my privilege to be a part of this newly formed community that is made up of three previously existing communities that have come together as One.  Serving as the Spiritual Leader, I speak, teach, pray, counsel, and guide this Beloved Community so that each individual awakens, realizes, lives, moves, and has their “being-ness” from a place of Spiritual Truth.

I know, from personal experience, not simply from a stance of theoretical faith and crossed-fingered hope, that what our center offers is an applicable and practical spiritual philosophy and way of life.  My personal journey that led me to CSL came about as a result of a life-long journey in search of happiness, peace of mind, and an end to the pain and suffering, in other words, “healing.”  I developed many emotional, social, relationship, and health-related “issues” as a result of several life traumas.

I have experienced several forms of abuse over the years. They ranged from verbal, emotional, and physical abuses, which began while I was in elementary school, to various other traumas such as witnessing a murder in the mid 1980’s and being stalked and threatened with murder, which resulted in my being forced to go into therapy.  I was confronted with the fear of death while in elementary school when my father was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig’s disease) and given 2-4 years to live.  I could go on…

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

Despite years of therapy, many of these experiences and the subsequent feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors associated with them continued well into adulthood.

Due to all of these experiences I quickly developed or learned to hate myself which resulted in a life of dangerous and reckless activities, more self-inflicted pain and suffering, various addictions, a volatile temper and suicidal ideations.

Over the years, I found this particular spiritual path of New Thought and specifically the study and practice of the Science of Mind which gave me the awareness that I used to establish a healthy, and holistic lifestyle that is truly Life-Affirming and Successful!  I went from weighing 305 pounds to 165 pounds in 2011.  I have learned techniques to not only manage the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and hypervigilance, but to thrive in spite of it!  And I have established a life that works where I feel joy, love, happiness, and a magic that I at one time didn’t think was possible for me to feel.  I have become a better father to my five sons, better grandfather to my five grandchildren, and overall better human being in the world!

The invitation and the call to be this Force for Good in Baltimore and on the East Coast was made and accepted, and here at “The Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore,” we are doing what is ours to do to live the Truth of a World that Works for the Highest and Best for All and I invite you to join us!

I invite you to visit us for service, meet the community, and experience for yourself what it’s like to be welcomed loved and accepted at “The Center for Spiritual Living Greater Baltimore.”  Be sure to introduce yourself to me (smile).  I look forward to meeting you.


    Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson, Senior Minister

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“Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor.” Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor,


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    Carol Shilling says:

    So I did this …
    To James Lankford, US Senate, A Scheduling Request at https://www.lankford.senate.gov/contact/scheduling-request

    “I would like you to invite two wonderful ministers to the weekly morning Prayer Breakfast. My brother, Tom Shilling, of Davis, Oklahoma is your constituent, and though I do not live there any more, my family lived in Ada, Oklahoma, and there still exists a plaque to my father, William C. Shilling at the Federal Lab in Ada. I am Oklahoma and Texas in my blood, being born in Austin. I know the love in Oklahoma still exists, and exists strongly. I wish to Make America Love Again … MALA. Raymont Anderson and Mahala Connally have Powerful, Loving, All Inclusive Messages. I think they can help bring us together again. With Love, Please <3 And So It Is Written <3 And So It IS. Thank you in advance for considering, honoring, and fulfilling my request. They each have an individual message; please give them each a special day to share their Loving message. I filled in dates, but that is really up to you, and I am merely filling in dates to make the system take my request. They are not real dates. 🙂

    Their names are:
    Raymont Anderson
    Senior Minister
    Centers For Spiritual Living
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Marianne Mahala Conally
    Unity By The Bay
    4 Pointless Forest Trail
    Annapolis, Md 21409
    Phone: 410-544-7990

    I can't think of better people to lead the Congressional Prayer Breakfast than Mahala and Raymont, preferably on separate occasions, to give them each a full moment to share their golden energy with those in prayer in our Congress, which we know will then seep out to the rest of Congress.

    Will you join me in requesting they bring them in? The more requests, the more likely it is to happen. 🙂

    Love Is The Answer. Always. <3

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