When I Think of Home, I Think…

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

October 6, 2019

“When I Think of Home I Think…”

Monthly Theme:


October 6, 2019

“When I Think of Home I Think…”


The October CSL topic is Cherish our Human Family and the value is Unity, but how can we think sooo grand when we have not reconciled or atoned for the thoughts and feeling we have towards our biological family, spiritual family, families of choice? When will we like Dorothy in the Wiz reclaim what home means to us and find what she learned..? “That we must look inside our hearts To find a world full of love Like yours Like mine Like home…”

– Reverend Raymont Anderson

SOM Point of View

Unity is the basis of all that there is. There is but one God, but one mind, but one spirit, and but one power. When I embody myself in my thoughts selfishly, I am separating myself from that which I think would be my good. You may think this is a very subtle thing and could not be the reason for so much trouble. It is the foundation of most of our troubles. I am unconsciously separating myself from my good. (p. 218.2) Love and Law (2001; teachings 1918-1920)

Back of you, the Infinite searches into manifestation through you, as you, what you are – it is you. We don’t have to be ashamed of it. You don’t have to say, “I despise my personality; I hate this body; I am worm of the dust,” and think you are surrendering to God. This is a denial of God. All we have to say is, “There is nothing in me but God.” ~The Anatomy of Healing Prayer by Ernest Holmes page 164

WE BELIEVE that the Universal Spirit, which is God, operates through a Universal Mind, which is the Law of God; and that we are surrounded by this Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it.

WE BELIEVE in the healing of the sick and control of conditions through the power of this Mind. ~ Ernest Holmes wrote the Declaration of Principles, also known as “What We Believe,” for the first issue of Science of Mind magazine that was published in 1927.


There is One, and not two. Never forget that. Anywhere in the universe, just One. That one life is the substance of everything. It is one in unity but multiple in manifestation. It is one substance from which an infinite variety of different things come but every one of those things is made out of the one thing. (p. 48.2) Love and Law (2001; teachings 1918-1920)

When we are willing to lose a personal sense of responsibility; when we let go of the thought of isolation and claim a real unity with God, then we lose the personal and find the Universal. But remember, as the greater always includes the lesser, so the Universal always includes the personal, which is a personification of Itself. (p. 454.5) The Science of Mind (1938)

“Unity does not mean uniformity. Our unity with other people does not mean that we must think and act as they do. All it means is that we should get along with them. We should unify with everything, while at the same time keeping intact and whole that God-given something at the center of our being which is the Spiritual Ego.” (p. 172.2) Living the Science of Mind (1984)

Call to Action

“Since unity is the basic principle of universal expression, let us base our living, our thinking, and our doing upon this law. When we live true to basis the hard experiences of the external pass away, and our days grow restful, free, and full of joy. That which we experience in the spirit of unity cannot limit us.” Nona L. Brooks, Mysteries, p. 117


“As our consciousness of unity becomes more perfect so will the life-givingness of the Spirit become more apparent.” – Thomas Troward, The Edinburgh Lectures, p. 109

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