The Vibratory Mind

Reverend Michele Synegal

October 27, 2019

The Vibratory Mind


SOM Point of View

We recognize that God is all there is, and that this being so, then the totality of our being is Divine as well. If this is true of ourselves, then, by Law, it must be true of everyone and everything. All of creation is the body of God; all are the Divine made manifest. We believe in the individualization of the Spirit in us, and that all people are individualizations of the One Spirit. Individualization does not mean separation and Oneness does not mean homogeneity. We are wonderfully individualized and we are inseparable from each other and from Spirit Itself.


“To love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves means to see God in everything and to include everyone in one divine unity. On this admonition of the Master hangs the meaning of all divine law, all spiritual prophecy and all true revelation.” – Words that Heal Today, 40

“While we have one common source, Divine Wisdom has seen fit to make each an individual. Unity does not mean uniformity. There is unity at the center, with infinite variation at the circumference.” – Words that Heal Today, 242

“My gratitude to you draws from you gratitude towards me and there would be perfect union between us. … It means a true spiritual family, of love support, compassion and respect… If I showed gratitude to you, it would draw gratitude from you towards me and there would be a perfect union between us. … It would mean the true brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity, a real brotherhood and sisterhood.” – Relationship Between Love and Gratitude, 3

Call to Action

Whoever crosses your path each day is another part of yourself that you need to see or meet that day. Greet them with Love and respect… apply the Platinum Rule


“With an open heart, I listen to understand others. From a place of conscious compassion, I treat them the way they wish to be treated.”

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