The Spirituality of Racial Equity

June 2, 2019

The Spirituality of Racial Equity

Monthly Theme:  Protect the Vulnerable


Reverend Brian Akers

When we begin to explore our philosophy in the context of Racial Equity we create an opportunity to encounter how social and cultural legacy plays a role in our own beliefs and the way they manifest in our lives. Join me as we walk the winding path of Racial Equity through a Spiritual Equity Lens.

Empowerment comes with internal cultivated devotion to one’s value in the world.


Thoughts Are Things (1967):

We are all bound, tied hand and foot, by our very freedom; our free will binds us; but as free will enables us to create the conditions which externally limit us, so it can uncreate or dissolve them.
It is not enough to say that we attract what we think; we become what we think, and what we become we attract.

Words That Heal Today (1949):

It is only when we view life from the standpoint of an expanding soul, destined forever to exist somewhere, that we can make either sense or sanity out of human experience. If we view life from the standpoint that each is an evolving soul, destined to live forever somewhere, we shall see that in the long run life must return to us that which we reflect into it.

It’s Up to You! (1968):

One of the greatest stumbling blocks in any man’s spiritual advancement is dishonesty; the refusal to honestly face an idea if that idea happens not to please him. This comes in part from the human tendency to take the line of least resistance, whether it be in our physical endeavors or in the operation of our mind. Confronted with an idea that repudiates one we have held for years, we go far out of our way, entirely around the idea, to keep from being compelled to analyze and possibly to absorb it. Our cry is: “I do not like to believe that!”
Back of this is the fear that an idea may be forced into our consciousness which will uncover to us our own responsibility.

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