The Great Work of Your Life

The Great Work of Your Life

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

May 17, 2020

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Raison d’être,” one’s reason for being, the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence, and from Buddhism we’ve heard the word Dharma which refers to one’s purpose, and we often talk about following or living our dreams and yet so few of us really take the leap to live from this level of alignment. Are you ready to explore the untapped reserves of genius that you have? Yes you are a genius, are you ready to live that truth?


We each exist and have come into being so the Divine spark, fire, impulse, creativity may be consciously expressed and not limited. We each are uniquely poised to express our special gifts, talents, and strengths that only we can. It is the call of Life Itself seeking to express Itself in new, fresh ways and we are tasked with answering the call with no limitations.


That Spirit is in every living thing, is in every soul, latent, simply waiting to be brought forth and come through the avenue we express. It is to bring out these great realities of life and happiness, health, love, and power, to supply these things that make life worthwhile. Love and Law (2001; teachings 1918-1920) p. 100.1

You exist that Divine feeling, fire, imagination, and creativity may be expressed through you. The Spirit comes to you with a new and fresh creativity. You need not ask what others have done or how they have done it. Be yourself and express life as you find it. Never imitate. Trust the self. Find the self in God and God in the self. This Thing Called You (1948) p. 72.2

The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts. – The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks, p. 19

The insistent and universal desire for self-expression is the Divine Urge within us, even God Himself “tapping at the walls of our heart,” urging us on to a fuller life. Know Yourself (1970) p. 83.1


There is this Divine Urge within each of us, a sacred calling, and it beckons you with increasingly strong calls as you go through life. Commit to uncover your Zone of Genius. Commit to taking the leap out of your comfort zone and into your Genius Zone.


“Today, I answer the call to discover, to liberate, and to express my Divine genius in every way it shows up!”

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