Stewarding Your Values

March 24, 2019

“Stewarding Your Valuables”

Integrity – Be Truthful in Facts and Motives

What do you consider valuable? What are some of the things you own that are valuable to you? Would an observer of your life be able to recognize that as being of value to you based on the type of Steward you are being?

What of the valuables such as Light, Love, Joy, Integrity…? Does your Stewardship say these are valuable or just some junk to be occasionally dusted off and polished?

What is truly important to you and what are you willing to do to live a life based on that truth?

Ernest Holmes says that “When we understand the Law, we learn to consciously embody what we wish, and think of this only, and then we are drawn silently toward it. . . Every day, every moment, every second, there is choice. We have the right to choose what we wish to experience.” Therefore, we can choose to live from our highest values. We can choose to be in Integrity with Love, Truth and Goodness, and live a life of service.

We are always at choice to align with our core values, our highest values, and consciously and intentionally allow them to inform our perceptions, decisions, talk and action. But first, we must identify with our highest core values.

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