Harry Leffmann

April 14, 2019 


Promote Diversity & Inclusion 

Everything in the universe is a unique individualization or expression of the One Thing that is the Cause of all things.  No two blades of grass are alike, no two grains of sand, no two thumbprints; no two of anything are alike and nothing ever exactly reproduces any other thing.  This means that the one ultimate Cause is pressing against every individualization, flowing through it or him or her and that every event in the finite has an infinite possibility behind it.  (365 Science of Mind – 2001 edition p. 74.1)

Behind all is a unity, through all is a diversity; saturating all is a divinity. 
(What Religious Science Teaches – 1974 edition p. 15.4)

The Thought of God must be the Cause of all that really exists; and as there are many existing things, there must be many thoughts in the Mind of the Infinite.  This is logical to suppose, for an Infinite Mind would necessarily conceive an infinite variety of ideas.  Hence the world of multiplicity or many things.  But the world of multiplicity does not contradict the world of Unity, for the many live in the One.
(The Science of Mind – 1938 edition p. 69.2) 


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