Developing Our Inner Life

March 31, 2019  

Developing Our Inner Life  

Integrity – Be Truthful in Facts and Motives  

Ernest Holmes taught us that permanent happiness could only come from an inner sense of certainty that cannot be shaken. SOM teaches that when we focus on inward vision on this indwelling harmony, and as we contemplate its perfection, we will see it manifest in everything we do and find ourselves renewed by the divine life, led by divine intelligence and guided by divine love.

A change of consciousness does not come by simply willing or wishing. It is not easy to hold the mental attention to an ideal, while human experience is discordant, but—it is possible. Knowing the Truth, is not a process of self-hypnosis, but one of a gradual unfoldment of the inner self.

— SOM text, pg. 446.5

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