Compassion’s Lasting Impact: Three Remarkable Tales!

May 26, 2019

Compassion’s Lasting Impact:
Three Remarkable Tales!

Monthly Theme: Care for the Poor – Compassion


Reverend Lee Blaisdell

How strong is your compassion muscle? How often do you flex it? Only when it’s easy? Do you consider yourself a lightweight or a heavyweight champion of compassion? How often do you intentionally give compassion a good work out?

Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science expressed; 
” We can have no understanding of Divine Compassion unless we ourselves first exercise compassion.”

Join me as we explore three true tales of compassion, each demonstrating the seemingly magical and powerful impact of compassion or the consequences of a lack thereof.

– Reverend Lee Blaisdell

There is only one Life, one Presence and One Power in the universe.

There is no past, present or future and Evil is nothing of itself.All of life is contained within it and it is all there is in all of life.It is done as we believe.


All of our life springs from our belief, our world view, our understanding of This Thing Called Life. Our individual experience of it at the level we understand it.   PEACE it is a feeling, a state of being that is calm, trusting and non-resistant – it allows and it seeks to be available to the power of the flow of life and leans into inquiry with respect and authenticity.  PEACE is like an agreement between the elements of water and rock in a stream. In a mutual pattern of expression, they flow together, moving and being totally still and yet both are changed by the relationship and the non-resistant agreement. The water gets to move forward, be energized by the journey and yet, is also able to be fully still and the rock gets to be the guide for the journey and to slowly and peacefully round its sharp edges.

Within this infinite reality, The One Life, called so many names, I prefer Infinite Presence or Life, all qualities, capacities and possibilities are contained and within me all of this is available as it is my true Nature, home base, my inner Self.

Therefore, since Unity is our foundation, meaning ONENESS is our true relationship with it all, then, it is logical to know and assertively live the fact that “nothing and no one can be against me”, therefore “everything and everyone is for me” in the broadest view of how conditions reveal the self to the self and First…PEACE becomes the natural choice for it allows the law to follow accordingly and all steps are now stemming from the correct inner order – PEACE. As Gary and Jane Simmons have said, there are 3 simple, powerful words that help us shift from conflict to peace:  “Tell Me More”

We are born to awaken to the fact that we have been born so that we can realize our magnificence and knowing how to experience Inner Peace, makes all the next steps so much more natural and graceful. All the challenges are here for me to keep on and deepen my ability to listen to myself, to you, to those who trigger my buttons and to the Presence of pure Spirit within me that guides me.

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