Can’t We All Get Along?

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

June 23, 2019

Can’t We All Get Along?

June Theme: Protect the Vulnerable

In a press conference in May 1992, Rodney King asked, Can we all get along? This is a question that possibly even more so now than then can be asked. Can we all get along? As spiritual beings on a spiritual journey can we lower the walls and defenses we have set up to “protect” us from “the other?” 

What is the other you ask? The other is that person, that group, that idea that we believe is causing us harm. If we are truly ready to live in a world that works for all, we must rise in consciousness to a new way of relating to self and to the other, and it all begins in our consciousness first!

SOM Point of View

We are global citizens of the world sharing the same life and environmental resources. We recognize the complexities of various world views does not negate the understanding that this planet belongs to all of us. We are helpers one to another.

We should give of ourselves in love and in service to others, in a spirit of generosity and good-fellowship. To refuse to give is to refuse to receive, for everything moves in circles. Real giving is the livingness of the self. A kind word, a thoughtful act, perhaps just a smile, can help lighten the burdens of others. (Holmes, Ernest, (1972) Ideas for Living, page 55).

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — is the basic guide for establishing our attitudes and actions toward others. Every one of the ten world’s great living religions embraces its universal truth. (Curtis, Donald, (1963) Daily Power for Joyful Living, page 23.1).

“…the ingenuity of the Religious Science Church (now Centers for Spiritual Living) lingers on, particularly in its sense of equity….” Jennings, Jessie Ed., The Essential Ernest Holmes) page 4).

Call to Action

Today our world is a global community full of various perspectives and belief systems. As one navigates through life, social issues arise that challenges how a person of faith may or may not respond to the care and suffering of “the other.” The perspectives and world views held can be instrumental to how a person make decisions and act in the world. Sometimes an evolution in consciousness may be needed for congruency with the spiritual teachings to observed in a person’s talk and walk. Yet, we understand that despite shortcomings or errors in behavior, we are interconnected and interdependent in the Universe. Spirituality in action is about bringing the experience of spirituality into the small, mundane, ordinary events that make up our day. If one is living and practicing the principles of her or his spiritual teaching, the result of doing so will be transformation in the quality of one’s living. As we engage in spiritual practice, personally or through community activity, we cultivate the practice that becomes a habit that evolutions our awareness of what is actually happening in our world. The lyricist wrote, “Open mine eyes that I may see fullness of truth thou hast for me.” Evolving consciousness keeps us open, forever moving forward, and participating in justice for all.


“Today, I align myself with Universal Wholeness. In the awareness that I am one with the Divine, I am one with all people everywhere. I am in unity with my neighbor. And so it is.”

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