ALL as One, and ONE as ALL

February 2019: Seek the Common Good

February 3, 2019: “ALL as ONE” and “ONE as ALL”


Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson

“ALL as ONE” and “ONE as ALL”

Oneness is the basis of our entire philosophy, our entire worldview, our entire BEINGNESS. When we allow Oneness to be what we live FROM, our thoughts, words, and actions contribute to an ethical world – a world that works for all life.

Oneness is where we ALL exist – we are all points of light in the greater light that is the Universe, the Divine, God, The One. That is true of every human being, every animal, every plant and tree, every rock, every grain of sand. We are as much one with the tree as we are with our loved one. And we are in relationship with all of it – because it is what we are, and we are what it is.

As we become more aware of our Oneness with everything else, as we become more aware of our Divine nature AND our interdependence, that greater awareness brings with it the realization that all we do affects all that is. Our own thoughts, words, and actions touch everything else.

When we realize that “their” interests are the same as “my” interests – because truly there are only the interests of the One – it becomes apparent that everything does move in circles, that my desire to be happy and yours are exactly the same.

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