Happy Birthday Rev Raymont!



Every so often we meet someone who lives with Integrity, shows their generosity and gratitude through their actions, and inspires others to do the same, all while lighting up a room with their smile.

This my friends, is our Senior Minister!


Happy Birthday Reverend Raymont!

You are so loved!


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    Frank says:

    You inspire me to be my own hero. 🙂
    Thanks and Happy Birthday Rev Ray!

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    Rita Cordes says:

    May you celebrate the day and year ahead with abundance of joy, peace and fulfilled wishes. Happy Birthday!

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    Kathy O’Connor says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you!! I know all of your wishes, hopes, aspirations and dreams are all answered in the highest possible way, with magic sprinkles and yummy delights, because the entire Universe conspires on your birthday to celebrate the amazing you that God and all the angels danced for on March 25, 1966, welcoming the wonderful you that you are!! I wish you love and light on this celebration of your journey around the sun once again!!

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    Gerise Pappas says:

    Our community and world is so blessed with your Presence. We are so lucky to have you as our Senior Minister. You bring power, playfulness, aliveness and inclusivity to our center and to life itself. You are a gem and I feel blessed to know you!

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    harry says:

    Happy birthday Ray.

    We are so blessed by your presence.


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    Darlene Murin (Ayobami's mom) says:

    Happy Birthday. Hope u have good blessing server for people listen and learn your spiritual life of universality world..

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    Jane Hughes says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY REV. RAYMONT. You are the real deal and a true inspiration to the entire planet. Thanks for being you. You are deeply loved.

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