Who’s the Master?

November Theme: Spiritually Motivated Moral Leadership

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson
Sahffi Lynne
Frank Mattheu, RScP

November 10, 2019

Who’s the Master?

Spiritually Motivated Moral Leadership

“Leading From Spirit”

Type in Leadership in Google and you get approximately 5,960,000,000 results. Type in Spiritual Leadership and you get 175,000,000 with a good bit of that being about Christian or Bible-based leadership. Many want to lead, learn to lead, be leaders, and yet the most powerful leaders lead within their own lives and

“Who’s the Master?”  The business culture of today’s world is about mastering the economy, mastering one’s job, and mastering some skill or talent like gymnastics, basketball, ballet, or cello. Even many martial artists focus on the skills whereas our focus for today takes us down an avenue few people truly venture down. Lao Tzu said, “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” And Leonardo da Vinci said, “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” If Self- Mastery is so important, why don’t we all take up this venture? And if we are not mastering ourselves, then what is or has?

SOM Point of View

Self with a capital S is our divine self, Mastery is the use we make of the creative substance the infinite potential Self Mastery relates to our Divine connection to source which is God.  Ernest Holmes tells us that the human experience is “a process in which the Self is revealed to the self’, and’ the Self must raise the self by the Self.


All nature waits on man’s recognition of and cooperation of her laws.  And is always ready to obey his well; but man must use Nature’s forces in accordance with her laws and in co-operation with her purpose – which is goodness, truth and beauty – if he wishes to attain self-masterySOM Text page. 130

The real self is God-given and cannot be deniedSOM page 332

The secret of spiritual power is a consciousness of one’s union with the whole and the availability of good.  We are one with the universal creativeness which is the God of theology, the Spirit of mysticism, the Reality of philosophy and the Principle of science.  God is accessible to all people.  – Can we Talk to God, Ernest Holmes

Call to Action

As outlined by John Heider, the greatest leaders are those who have mastered themselves first.  Lead by example.  Be the change,  all of those amazing quotes pertain to this week’s topic.

As you go about your day, in all your relationships at work, home, and all points in between, take the time necessary to ask yourself.  What would the highest version of my Self say or do in this situation.  Allow your Self to reveal itself to the self, and be open to what will be.


“All that I am is a reflection of the One; all that I do in word and deed is my expression of my highest Self in Mastery.”

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