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God is Not Motivated if You Aren’t

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God is Not Motivated if You Aren’t

Science of Mind Point of View

Man’s thought is the activity of Mind, for Mind without thought or directed consciousness would have no real existence. There can be no existence apart from consciousness; or, if there be any existence apart from consciousness, then there is no one, no thing, and no intelligence to be aware of such existence. It is evident that without self-awareness, there is not only no realization of Life, but no Life to be realized. (Living the Science of Mind, 321)

In other words, until we set the law in motion with our own thoughts and emotions, nothing is going to happen.

Supporting Quotes

“The responsibility of setting the Law in motion is ours…We should sense that back of the word which we speak is the Power of the Universe, surging to express itself.” (SOM 305-5/306-1)

“Since the Law is mental, one must believe in It in order to have it work affirmatively for him. But it is always working according to his belief, whether he is conscious of this truth or not. Demonstration takes place through the field of the One Universal Mind. We set the power in motion, the Law produces the effect. We plant the seed, the Law produces the plant.” (SOM 322-3)

“Mind in its subjective state is Universal. Mind in its subjective state cannot act until It is set in motion by mind in a conscious state. Therefore Universal Subjective Mind is a doer and not a self-conscious knower. It knows how to do it but It does not have any conscious knowledge that It is doing. Man calls It forth into expression.”

Call to Action

Intention is the starting point of everything that takes place in the Universe, no matter how grand or small. Every intention we set, we set in the mind of the One Itself. You can harness the Divine Power which is the birthright of everyone by taking the time to do a few simple things: 1) Center yourself in the quiet place within, where all possibility lies; 2) Set intentions for that which you wish to manifest in the world of form; 3) Let go and let God handles the details of how/when/where it comes about; 4) Follow your intuition and live as if it already is. Remember – God is only motivated to create when you are!

Weekly Affirmation

“As I change my thoughts and beliefs, the world around me changes. My mind is the mind of God Itself.”

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