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Sunday Service

Monthly Theme: Spirituality







Monthly Theme: Creativity/Freedom/Choice

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SOM Point of View

“What we now experience we may cease experiencing if we have the will and the imagination to set our vision in an opposite direction and hold it there. It is the office of the imagination to set the vision. The will should hold it in place until the creative genius of the inner life transforms the image of limitation and transmutes it into liberty under the law.” Ernest Holmes, SCIENCE OF MIND TEXTBOOK pg. 418-4

No matter what the current condition is, each of us has the ability to create freedom through our thoughts. We may always use our creativity to move out of whatever hell that we find ourselves experiencing.

“Sometimes a situation arises wherein you need an entirely new idea.” Ernest Holmes BASIC IDEAS OF SCIENCE OF MIND pg. 85

“Never limit your view of life by any past experience. The possibility of life is inherent within the capacity to imagine what life is, backed by the power to produce this imagery, or Divine imagination. Ernest Holmes SCIENCE OF MIND TEXTBOOK-pg. 187-1

“Stop trying to die and learn how to live.”-Ernest Holmes THIS THING CALLED YOU-pg. 125

Call to Action

We all live in a world governed by Love and Law. Sometimes human law is not just and Cause and effect is of course always working. Whatever the current reality is that still does not mean that we have the luxury of claiming victim-hood. If you truly believe in a world that spirals upward, when you find yourself in conditions and experiences that are less than desirable you choose the tools that Science of Mind teaches to help you get back on your feet. It may take a minute for you to see the God in the circumstance however if you create a world that works for you in the meantime the Law will catch hold to your vision and pick you up out of your current circumstance permanently. If you can find yourself able to be of service in the meantime the process will work even faster.


“I am always free to choose my thoughts. Through the power of prayer, my imagination and creativity I can think myself out of any circumstance, situation or condition.” 

Join us each Sunday as we discuss the benefits of applying spiritual principles in our lives.