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  • Sunday | September 1, 2019
  • 10:30 am - 11:30 am
  • 1313 York Road Lutherville, Maryland 21093


September Theme:
Ensure the Stewardship of Our Planet





September 1, 2019


September Theme:
Ensure the Stewardship of Our Planet

Speaker Summary

SOM Point of View

Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible. Science of Mind Textbook P.43.2

YOU are a LOVE story!

Love Rules Through Law

In an intelligent study of the teachings of the Science of Mind, we come to understand that all is Love and yet all is Law. Love rules through Law.  Love is the Divine Givingness; Law is the Way.  Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal. We should study the nature of Reality with this in mind, and in this way, we shall avoid two grave mistakes: either viewing life as made up only of mechanical laws or viewing it as made up only of spontaneous actions, irrespective of law and order.

The heart is the center of Divine Love and perfect circulation. Its action is harmonious, vital, adequate and complete.  There is no false action and no wrong action.  The pulsations of life are steady, unceasing and perfect. “Let not your heart be troubled.” Love is at the center of our being and the calm, continuous pulsations of life are governed by Love.

Call to Action

You and I are a sacred LOVE story.  We get to clarify what our LOVE story is and how we feel about it.  What we love about it we celebrate and live boldly.  What we don’t love about it we set free.  Then as we heal we become a more beneficial presence on this planet: Our Mother Earth.


“I am a glorious LOVE story!

I am loved, loving and loveable.

I am an Instrument of Divine Love.”


Join us each Sunday as we discuss the benefits of applying spiritual principles in our lives.