Change Your Story to Change Your Life

"Change Your Story to Change Your Life"

Monthly Theme: Advocate for Freedom of Thought – Creativity

Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson


Sahffi Lynne


Frank Mattheu, Practitioner Intern


July 14, 2019

“Change Your Story to Change Your Life”

Monthly Theme: Creativity/Freedom/Choice

Are you in a state of complete acceptance, coherence, and resonance with your life as it is now? Made peace with all of the ghosts of Christmas past and Christmases yet to be? When we get to the core of the stories we tell about anything, we find that the stories we tell ourselves and tell others about ourselves are in fact the magic spells that we are using to create our world. Are we ready to change the stories and risk becoming free and powerful?

Science of Mind Point of View

“Your own choice has decided you.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Beverly Hills Lectures

The evolution of man brings him arbitrarily to a place where true individuality functions. From that day, a further evolution must be through his conscious co-operation with Reality. All Nature waits on man’s recognition of and cooperation with her laws, and is always ready to obey his will; but man must use Nature’s forces in accordance with her laws, and in co-operation with her purpose— which is goodness, truth, and beauty— if he wishes to attain self-mastery. SOM textbook Chapter 7 Paragraph 3 pg.129, 130

Man’s conscious thought, acting through Law, may change any condition in his experience, provided he can clearly conceive of such conditions being changed. There is no limit to the Law. Limitation is not inherent in the Law, but is a result of man’s inability to embody the Truth and constructively use the Law. Man has at his disposal, in what he calls his subjective mind, a power that is Limitless; this is because he is One with the Whole on the subjective side of Life. SOM textbook Chapter 7 Paragraph 1 pg.133

What a man has and what he is, is the result of the subjective state of his thought. SOM textbook Chapter 18 Paragraph 4 pg. 304

My opportunities are unlimited. There is a Divine Urge to express. It permeates me and fills all space and all people. SOM textbook Chapter 18 paragraph 5 pg. 304

Today the possibilities of my experience are unlimited. The Spirit flows through me, inspiring me, and sustaining that inspiration. I have ability and talent and I am busy using them. This talent is divinely sustained and marketed under a Universal plan of right action. SOM textbook Chapter 18 Paragraph 1 pg. 305

We must always remember that we may believe what is not; so we can know only what is so, even though that which is not so (which we believe in) may bind us – because we believe in it. All bondage is ignorance. That is why Emerson said there is no sin but ignorance and no salvation but enlightenment. ~The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes page 66-67

You will discover no greatness outside of yourself; that which appears to be greatness in another is merely as much as you have projected from yourself to the other. As that hidden thing is removed, you and I will see, in the other, the more perfect image. We have disclosed it; be we couldn’t disclose it until we saw it as it is. And we can’t see it as it is until we are as it is – and there isn’t any more is-er than that! ~The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes page 58

Any additional supporting quotes from Book for the Month:
“I was born with the same gift from God we are all born with – the impulse to reach out and lessen the suffering of another human being. It was a gift, and we each had a choice whether to use this gift or not.”

“We need to think about the fact that we are all more than the worst thing we have done.”

“Everything, I realized, is a choice. And spending your days waiting to die is no way to live.”
“No baby is born a murderer. No toddler dreams of being on death row someday. Every killer on death row was taught to be a killer—by parents, by a system, by the brutality of another brutalized person—but no one was born a killer.”

Call to Action

“If you wanna be somebody, If you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention,” that is one of the songs from the movie Sister Act 2 and one of the metaphysical lessons we can glean from this song is that we are accountable and responsible for our own waking up. If we want to be that which we already are, the I AM individualized, and if we want to live move and have our beingness from the truth of who and what we are as the Divine, as Life ItSelf, then we must wake up and pay attention!

And we wake up and pay attention by way of having and engaging actively, diligently, joyously, and gratefully all that which consists of our spiritual practices.

In the Healing Anatomy of Prayer, Holmes says, “God in you as you is you,” what better place to begin a new story!


“I create the story of my life with every thought I think and every word I speak. Today, I choose to be more mindful, vigilant, and purposeful of the power that I have access to. I understand that there is a Power for Good in the Universe and I AM using it!” 

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